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Vmax Climax Booster Box

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Vmax Climax Booster box includes:


10 packs - 1 pack contains - 11 cards

Guaranteed V, Vmax, or V union card in every pack


Vmax Climax is going to be a big set for players and collectors, adding 190 new cards. This includes the return of Character Rares, or cards that feature an iconic trainer appearing alongside the Pokémon depicted in a full art card. 


Among the revealed Character Rares are Flaffy from Evolving Skies with Elesa, Zekrom from Vivid Voltage with N, Gardevoir from Chilling Reign with the Doctor NPC from Sword and Shield, and Eevee from Evolving Skies with Bill. 


There is also a Red with Gigantamax Pikachu card, which represents a new rarity called Character Super Rares, which will be introduced in this set. 

 NOTE: Cute Vaporeon Girl Not Included...