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Shiny Star V Japanese Booster Box

Regular price $115.00 USD
Regular price $170.00 USD Sale price $115.00 USD

You will receive a sealed official Japanese Pokemon TCG Shiny Star V booster box
containing 10 booster packs.

Shiny Star V Contains –

  • 190 cards included + Secret rare cards.
  • 1 Box contains 10 packs (10 cards per pack).
  • 1 guaranteed V or VMAX per pack.
  • New cards will also be included, notably V, VMAX and Supporter(s) with original concepts.

    Save time and money on Japanese shipping and wait times.
    Buy here and your order is shipped out of Vero Beach, FL within 24 hours.

    NOTE: All Our Boxes Are Japanese 

    NOTE: Cute Vaporeon Girl Not Included...